Post Otakon 2014

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since Otakon 2014 has passed. Maybe I should look at it as 2 weeks closer to the next one in 2015? 😉

This is my 5th year down in Baltimore for Otakon and I always enjoy it. Nothing better than getting down and nerdy with friends and just being SUROUNDED by people who enjoy the same things I do. Here are few of my favorite cosplays. FYI, I just about died when I saw that Nijigen Complex cosplay (the bumble bee outfit). If you haven’t seen the music video, stop what you’re doing and check it out here.

P1000607-2 P1000574Monster Girls Cosplay Yowmushi Pedal Midousuji Cosplay Otakon Sailor Moon Cosplay Otakon

This year was overwhelmingly full of great music shows as well! I had one of the most AMAZING concert experiences ever. Have you ever heard of PeelanderZ? I don’t think I’ve ever been to a more interactive concert. The performers were in the crowd, the crowd was on the stage and everyone was singing and jumping around and CRACKING UP at the absurdity of the whole thing. If they’re in your town for a show all the way from Planet Peelander, check them out.

PeelanerZ Otakon 2014 Matsuri

The guy with the purple rhino helmet was an audience member. :)

I was also introduced to the RiCECOOKERS! They’re a great bilingual rock band based in NYC. I really REALLY needed some new rock music in my life, and they so fit the bill. AND how convienient that they have a show in Brooklyn (my town) at the end of the month! 😉

RiCECOOKERS Otakon 2014 Matsuri




Kickstarter Funding Madness

I love Kickstarter.

For awhile I was funding such an amount of projects in such a short amount of time, that I was on the verge of needing to run a kickstarter to fund my kickstarting. There’s just this great feeling of helping other people realize projects/dreams that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with crowd funding – and you get great rewards from doing so (early releases, one-of-a-kind promos, artbooks etc…)! I’ve also heard tales of Kickstarters failing horribly (yikes), but luckily I haven’t run into that yet.

I’ve been concentrating my funds towards mostly comics and video game endeavors, but there’s tons of other categories and every kind of niche.

Here are a few Kickstarters I’ve taken part in:

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

Reading Rainbow! How could I not support this!? I used to watch this show all the time, and I am sure it influenced my love of reading. And who doesn’t love Geordi La Forge LeVar Burton?

Fifth Element Artbook Kickstarter

I think my sister may only know how much I love this movie. As a 7th grader girl, my favorite actor was Bruce Willis (yes, I realize this is strange). The movie is goofy, action-packed and full of sci-fi fun. 17 years later, there’s a whole artbook dedicated to the movie and memorable characters? YES PLEASE.

You Suck the Comic Kickstarter

This was kickstarted on a whim. I was browsing in the comics section, and this was listed as ending soon. The artist, Josh Lesnick, had already completed a successful Kickstarter for another comic (Girly), so I felt comfortable backing this project for $15 – the print edition of the book. Plus, I really love the artwork and the story. The comic follows the main character Anna, a young woman looking for a little “spice” in her life, and a clumsy succubus Izzy, who is more than capable of helping Anna on her kinky and sometimes hillarious sexcapade adventures.

Dragon Fin Soup Kickstarter

ANOTHER Kickstarter that was funded on a whim! I couldn’t really help myself here-the graphics, gameplay and character design, all looked amazing PLUS it’ll be available for PS3 which is great because I’m always behind a generation for consoles because I refuse to shell out that much money for a gaming system. RPGs are also, my #1 gaming love. The game is summarized asA charming SNES style RPG with Roguelike elements, set in a twisted fairytale world with a cheerful, yet raging alcoholic Heroine.” How much more awesome could you possibly pack in a summary sentence!? +10 cool points for a non-typical strong female lead.

Starfighter Visual Novel Kickstarter

Starfighter grabbed my attention with genre alone and then I saw the GORGEOUS artwork. Visual novels rarely appear outside of Japan, and I’ve always been intrigued by them. Think of them as a choose-your-own-adventure video games usually with a romantic storyline.

Troubadour - Interactive Graphic Novel Kickstarter

Yes! Another visual novel type game! What stood out to me with Troubadour were it’s graphics. I LOVE pixel art – always have, always will. Moving past the artwork alone, the story sounded interesting as well: Troubadour is a story about accepting the responsibilities and expectations of life in a world of toxic distractions. You’ll guide Lu as her perception of the world is wrapped in a glitch-filled aesthetic, permeated with digital toys, and moves to a striking soundtrack. Looking forward to the delivery of this one November 2014. 

Omori Game Kickstarter

Oh OMORI. If you aren’t familiar with Omocat‘s work – stop reading and take a look. With a unique anime influenced style and a collection of work that revolves are gaming, anime & manga and eerie storytelling, Omocat has jumped up in recognition and now has a successful clothing line. When I found out she was Kickstarting a video game based on her original character Omori, I jumped on it. I’m looking forward to the game’s release planned for May 2015.


The first Kickstarter project I received a physical copy of. One of the most beautiful deluxe comic volumes I own. Nothing, but good things to say about this comic. Read it. NOW.

Bizenghast Kickstarter

AND finally, Bizenghast. The one Kickstarter I’ve been apart of that didn’t raise enough funds. This one was a little disapointing. I became familiar with Bizenghast when manga publisher TokyoPop was in it’s heyday and was publishing original english language content alongside all its translated manga and manwha. Written and illustrated by M. Alice LeGrow, Bizenghast is:

Set in the fictional New England town of the same name, Bizenghast focuses on fifteen-year-old Dinah Wherever. Her parents’ car crash leaves her orphaned at a young age and as a result, she moves in with her aunt. Dinah can see the ghosts which haunt her aunt’s house, which was a hospital and later a boarding school; however her aunt and doctor believe that she suffers from schizophrenia. One day, she and her only friend, Vincent Monroe, sneak out of her aunt’s house to search for materials for his garden. They stumble across an ancient mausoleum and after Dinah reads aloud from a plaque, she discovers that her name is written on a contract which binds her to return to the mausoleum every night to free the ghosts. If she succeeds, she will win her freedom and a reward. If she fails, she will die and stay in the mausoleum as a corpse.”

The game was to follow the same plot and looked promising. Even though the Kickstarter wasn’t successful, the team is seeking different avenues to publish the game.

There we have it! What have you funded lately?

Let’s Play Tomodachi Life!

I’m going to break in this blog with a full on post and skip the obligatory “this is my first post” post. For those of you who’ve picked up Tomodachi Life for the 3DS, you already know how awesome it is. For those of you haven’t, just keep reading. This has to be one of the most hilarious games I’ve played in a long time. It’s a little like Animal Crossing, but with much less maintenance; there’s no pressure to play every single today to avoid having tenants move out or receive hate mail from your neglected townspeople when you jump back in the game after a couple weeks days. You start out with an apartment building to fill with Tomadachi’s of your choosing – the sky is the limit here. I’ve been filling mine with friends and fictional characters from my favorite show’s, anime etc… The interactions I’ve had with Will Graham and Hannibal Lector have been…AMAZING and are what really make this game great. If you like Animal Crossing or the Sims, this game is a great match. Here’s some of the best moments I’ve had in game so far:

WTH Krillin

WTH Krillin

Rap battle between Finn and Spock.

Rap battle between Finn and Spock.

Hamburger battle!

Hamburger battle!


The Joker creepin'

The Joker creepin’

Hannibal and Will Graham

Hannibal and Will Graham

If you've watched the Hannibal TV series...this is disturbingly appropriate.

If you’ve watched the Hannibal TV series…this is disturbingly appropriate.

My Tomodachi is pretty much the real-life me.

My Tomodachi is pretty much the real-life me.

HNI_0018 I also want to share all my Tomodachi QR codes. I made Tomoko from Watamote (super proud of that one). Most of the others were found as Mii’s that needed a little adjustment for Tomodachi Life, but now you can just add them right in!


Charlie Brown Tomodachi QR Code


Adventure Time Finn Tomodachi QR Code


Hannibal Lector Tomodachi QR Code


Game of Thrones John Snow Tomodachi QR Code


Earthbound Ness Tomodachi QR Code


Star Trek Spock Tomodachi QR Code


Sesame Street The Count Tomodachi QR Code

The Joker

Batman The Joker Tomodachi QR Code


Tomoko Watamote Tomodachi QR Code


Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister Tomodachi QR Code


Walter White Tomodachi QR Code


Hannibal Will Graham Tomodachi QR Code

Daria Tomodachi

Daria Tomodachi

Rock Lee Tomodachi

Rock Lee Tomodachi

Naruto Tomodachi

Naruto Tomodachi



Louis CK Tomodachi

Louis CK Tomodachi

Krillin DBZ Tomodachi

Krillin DBZ Tomodachi